NICK’S TOOLS & FINISHING PRODUCTS – Nick was instrumental in the development of King Arthur’s Signature Series for power tools and also the Chroma Craft Signature Series for various finishes. Using his woodworking products can help you create beautiful surface enhancements, bringing out fine detail, and highlight prominent features with specially crafted paints, gilts, and rust effects.

King Arthur’s Tools Merlin2 – Part 1

Nick demonstrates carving effects using King Arthur Tools’ Signature Tools Series with the MERLIN2 variable speed, mini angle grinder and his custom-designed accessories.

King Arthur’s Tools Merlin2 – Part 2

King Arthur Tools’ Signature Series Tools utilize the MERLIN2 variable speed, mini angle grinder used with disc accessories developed exclusively with Nick.

Chroma Craft – Rustina

Rustina is a unique water-based system designed to give surfaces, such as wood, metal, ceramic, glass, and plastic, an aged metallic look.

Chroma Craft – Chroma-Gilt

Chroma-Gilt is a polymer-based metallic paste that can be used to enhance the appearance of a variety of substrates, including wood, metal, leather, and ceramics.

Chroma Craft – Web-FX

Web-FX is a special effect paint designed to give a lacy, web-pattern effect offering texture and depth to various projects for woodworkers.

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