The Woodturning studio

Each student will have the luxury of working on a Robust American beauty lathe with its great features like the gas shock assisted swing away tailstock, Stainless steel bed, sliding headstock easy adjustable height to suit you your needs.

Each lathe is also equipped with -

  • LED lamps
  • Vic Marc and Oneway chucks
  • Tormek T8 sharpening systems with Diamond wheels .
  • Wolverine sharpening jigs
  • Separate booths to work in for each student including your own workbench .
  • Dust extraction at each lathes and
  • Air hose to each station for airbrush work or woodchip removal .
  • Microclene dust extraction in the ceiling
  • Air conditioning.
  • Ceiling fans
  • access to many of the top tools available today .
  • Safety face shield .
Classes & Courses

Tuesday - 28th - January - 2020

Small treasures and textures

Tuesday - 10th - March - 2020

Off the lathe and onto the wall

Thursday - 18th - June - 2020

Decorative platters and embellishment

Wednesday - 23rd - September - 2020

Guest instructor Colwin Way