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Guest instructor Colwin Way / 3 day class postponed until 2022

 Skew day1

The Skew chisel can strike fear into the bravest of woodturners at times but Colwin will guide you through a step by step guide to using your Skew efficiently and skilfully. Starting with the making of a table leg including the formation and explanations of a pummel, bead, cove, fillets and Ogees. Then moving onto a couple of fun projects including flowers, trees and seashells before finishing with a two piece candle stick. As well as the practical use of the Skew, Colwin will discuss and show various types of Skew including the German splayed, Standard and Oval.

Nutcracker words days 2 & 3 See gallery images here

German nutcrackers have been made for over 250 years however the highly coloured and decorated versions we know today as Christmas decorations have really only been common since the end of the 2nd world war after returning troops brought them back home as gifts for their loved ones. Traditionally most nutcrackers are made to represent figures of authority like kings, queens or soldiers. This is because their job is to stand guard over the family through advent, protecting them from unwanted bad spirits and giving good luck to them.

On this course we’re each going to make our own version of this much loved Christmas good luck   charm. Going through each component from the base, feet, legs up through the body, head and arms before adorning with helmets, crowns, weaponry or instruments. Of course keeping to the German traditions, a lot of the tooling will be kept as close to the tools these skilled craftsman still use to create the wonderful figures to day, this means the king of tools, the Skew!

As a warm up for the main figure they’ll be a chance to use the skew on a practice piece, plus a couple of Christmas tree decorations in the form of a heal cut tree and snow man. 

As much as this is a project led course the emphasis will be on mastering tool use, so come on join us for some early festive fun and make your very own Christmas Heirloom. 

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