Classes & Courses

Decorative platters and Rims /3 day class ????Full no further spaces????? .

  Push your turning and art to new levels. In both  the dedicated studios enjoy turning on the American Beauty lathes in studio 1 .

in studio 2 enjoy your own booth with Micro Motors and pyrography units and airbrushing facility

Audio visual in both classrooms .

Face sheild provided at each station plus all the tools you need .

in the Lathe room each pearsom has a seperate booth with a divider and is 6 ft apart . each booth in both studios has dust extraction .

studio 2 also has separate booths .

lathes can be adjusted to suit most heights .

both studios are Air conditioned and have ceiling fans .

this is a great class to focus your tallent on designing platers and inventing new texture ellements to carve and color .

we will focus strongly on the airbrush as a method of applying color to our work .aurbrushing tool angles , sharpening and the best way to get to your end goal .

Please email me for payment information.