NICK AGAR has been working in his medium for more than 30 years. He has a well-earned reputation for producing highly individual, beautifully crafted works of art. Nick’s classes offer an opportunity to learn from a world class instructor, addressing a broad range of skills & abilities.

Woodwork Artist

Nick has appeared on BBC and ITV lifestyle television programs, he regularly exhibits and is often a judge at international conferences.

Nick is constantly in demand from collectors who commission his work around the world. His wide range of clients include HRH Prince of Wales, Dukes, Duchesses, and the Royal Jewelers Asprey. 

Award Winning Work

Nick employs a full range of techniques in his award-winning work, including carving, pyrography, airbrushing, ceramic effects, and metal effects.

From maples for decorative works to burls for sculptures to intriguing or figured timber for natural edged works, Nick is a master at exposing nature’s treasures buried beneath the bark.

The Viking Bowl

Nick is renowned for his Viking Sunset Bowl, a multi-textured work that combines woodworking and professional artistry. His signature design, the bowl merges the elegant finish of turned wood with elaborate surface treatments that look like ancient pewter.

Nick’s work is influenced by organic forms, pottery, sea life, ancient cultures, and the natural surroundings. He specializes in hollow forms, large diameters, and surface enhancement.


Chroma Craft
Signature Series

The Nick Agar Signature Series Chroma-Gilt is a polymer-based metallic effect paste used for decorating a variety of substrates, especially wood, metal, leather, and ceramics.

With Nick’s Chroma Craft Signature Series, artisans can take their finishing to a whole new level. The finishes bring out fine detail and highlight the piece’s prominent features with specially crafted paints, gilts, and rust effects.

King Arthur’s Tools
Signature Series

Nick helped develop the brilliant Signature Series in partnership with King Arthur’s Tools for the wonderful world of woodturning.

The Nick Agar Signature Series accessories greatly extend the versatility of surface enhancement and finishing in woodturning and carving. These sets includes everything you need for miniature work while turning, carving, shaping, sanding, finishing and polishing.

Woodturning Book

Nick authored Woodturning Evolution along with fellow woodturner David Springett. This publication demonstrates a new method for shaping narrow strips of wood to create curvy, graceful, asymmetrical vessels.

Nick and David share their innovative methods and stunning designs in 14 unique projects, along with instructions on tooling, materials, and techniques.

Memberships & Honors

Nick is an elected member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, as well as a Registered Professional Turner. He is a member of the Worshipful Company of Turners and was recently awarded the Freedom of the City of London for his services to the world of woodturning.

He is a patron of the Max Carey Woodturning Trust, the only woodturning trust in the United Kingdom. He is also a member of both the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB) and American Association of Woodturners (AAW), as well as numerous other woodturning clubs both at home and overseas. Nick is also a popular teacher and demonstrator on the Woodturning Cruise.


Nick is honored to be an ambassador for Axminster Woodturning, Tormek Sharpening and Manpa Tools. A Robust dealer, he believes these are the very finest lathes on the market today and uses them in his Brooklyn, Georgia woodturning school.

There is nothing more striking than an American Made, American Beauty with its tilt-away tailstock, adjustable lathe height, easily accessible indexing, stainless steel bed plus all the other extras, such as the many different tool rest designs.”

I first saw Nick demonstrate at the ‘Turn On! Chicago’ symposium
and knew that he would be an excellent hands-on teacher.

We had such a wonderful class. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Nick. . . I watched as he interacted with everyone in the class and can honestly say, it seemed he met everyone at their level from beginner to advanced. He covered basic and advanced turning techniques, embellishing, texturing, airbrushing, burnishing and the use of his signature finishes. Each new technique was presented through a short tutorial to the entire group, a Q & A session and then individual assistance was offered.

For me, Nick’s teaching style was just what I needed. As an advanced turner, Nick encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone to try new techniques, allowing me the time to attempt them and then offering tips and encouragement when they were needed.

If you are considering hiring a demonstrator for club demo, symposium or hands on classes, you cannot go wrong with Nick Agar. He knows his stuff but more importantly, he knows how to communicate so that anyone who listens will soon know it too!


 – Marie Anderson, President, Windy City Woodturners

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